The best beaches for children between Llanes and San Vicente de la Barquera.

We probably all agree that going to the beach on your own or with your partner ist quite a different thing than  going with your children.

I’ve always lived close to the sea and as the years go by I enjoy it in different manners. Just like in life, there have been different periods. When I was a little girl I digged little ponds and built sandcastles. As a youngster I took waves and played beachball. As a young woman I still took waves, jogged along the beach, took sunbathes or slept.

Since I have children, things got more complicated. To extend my towel and lay down on it is a sort of reflex but after a time I found out that it does not make any sense and stopped doing it. To jog or take waves turned out to be an impossible activity. Not to speak of a small nap at the beach. For this I would need a real court to come with me and people are not always ready to do it. Therefore, the conclusion was: if you can’t beat them, join them, and now I find myself digging ponds, building sandcastles and rolling in the sand again, like a little girl. And since the day at the beach should be relaxing for everyone, it is important to pick out the right one. I don’t look for the perfect wave anymore or huge open beaches, now I look for beaches to go with my children.

  • Small beaches where I can look after them without any problems.
  • Secure beaches without risky currents.
  • Beaches with a minimum of comfort like lifeguards, showers, beach bar.
  • Beaches with little ponds, with rocks where shrimps and crabs can be found.

As a mother of three daughters I know my area, Primorías, rather well. Below I list the beaches which in my opinion are the most adequate to go to with children. With their advantages and disadvantages, located between Llanes and San Vicente de la Barquera.

Playa de Amió in Pechón (Cantabria).

This is one of my favorite beaches. The access to the beach is somewhat complicated but thanks to that it is never overcrowded, even in August. The access starts in the village Pechón and is indicated. There are possibilities to park the car, but you can leave the car in the village and walk through the fields. From the parking lot there is a rather steep ramp. You can take a buggy but the last part is very sandy and you might slip.


Amió beach, in Pechón

You need to watch the tides. With high tide there is almost no sand and that is rather inconvenient. The tide tables can be found on the Internet or in the local press. It’s a lovely beach with a rock where you can walk to when the tide is low. The rock divides the beach into two beaches and when the tide is high the waves come from both sides and a kind of wave zipper occurs.

This beach is very nice for small children, full of rocks and ponds where they can play for hours. There is no lifeguard, the beach bar is above the beach and there are showers.

Playa de Berellín in Prellezo (Cantabria)

A mostly unknown beach. It is very small and belongs to the administration of Merón (San Vicente de la Barquera). Unknown but very lovely. You reach the beach from Prellezo, at the entrance to the village is a small roundabout where the beach is indicated on the right side.


Berellín beachi, in Prellezo

I would not recommend to drive right to the beach. The parking habits are rather chaotic and it is quite difficult to turn around. Shortly before you reach the beach, on the left side, is a parking lot. This beach as well depends very much on the tides, there is almost no sand with high tide. Above the beach is a garden area where you can stay during the hours of high tide.

It’s a small beach seamed with cliffs at both sides which gets bigger when the tide is low. Ponds, rocks, caves, children will not get bored. And if the grown ups find a free moment they can swim to the arch formed by the rocks. Pure luxury. There are no lifeguards, but there is a beach bar and showers.

Playa de El Sable, between Pesués and Los Tánagos (Cantabria)

The beach is at the mouth of the river Nasa in Tina Mayor. You’ll get there from Los Tánagos pass the Blue House (la Casa Azul) heading towards San Vicente and before you arrive at Felix’ garage you turn left. The beach is not indicated and parking possibilities are very limited. Therefore, the beach is never overcrowded.


El Sable beach, Cantabria

A beach with a river mouth is not comparable to an open beach, but it isvery wind protected, especially when the Northeast wind blows it’s a beach where you feel just fine. For people who fear the waves it’s perfect. On days with a strong low tide one can walk to the open sea. From the sightseeing point in Pechón you have breathtaking sights.

There are no lifeguards, no bar and no showers.

Plaza de Buelna, in Buelna (Asturias)

The car should better be parked in the village, it’s a 200m walk to the beach where you hardly find a place for your car. The access presents no difficulties.


Buelna Beach, Asturias

It’s a family beach that opens with low tide which sets free small ponds and rocks. It’s perfect for toddlers to play and you won’t lose sight on them. Without any danger at all since the waves reach the shore very weakened.

In front of the beach you can see a rock island which looks as if Obelix lost one of his menhirs.

Another attraction ist the path on the cliffs which takes you to the beach of Cobijeru, a very small and interior beach. It’s not too recommendable to spend the day there since it’s very small and rather dangerous on days with rough sea. But a visit is worthwhile and next to the beach is cave for which visit you should take good shoes and a flashlight. There no lifeguards, no beach bar, only showers.

Playa de Antilles, in Cué (Asturias)

It’s a small not very known beach, but very special. The access starts in the village of Cué at the old bowling alley. There is a quite big parking lot and from there you continue walking on a rather steep but very well built ramp.


Antilles beach in Cué, Asturias

The tides are important to take in account here as well. Practically no sand with high tide. Above the beach is a wonderful gardenlike area with a beautiful view where you can stay when the tide is high.

It’s a small beach seamed by cliffs and which opens with low tide. With small ponds, rocks and caves – you shouldn’t forget your goggles in order to investigate the rock islands.

Right above the beach is the Hotel Migal where you can buy sandwiches and tapas or enjoy the sunset after a day at the beach. The Hotel has a huge garden with a playground.

No lifeguards, the beach bar is in the mentioned garden area. And there are showers.

Playa de El Sablón in Llanes (Asturias)


El Sablón beach, Llanes

It’s an urban beach, right in the centre of the village. With no doubts it’s the busiest beach but for the people of Llanes it has the advantage that they don’t have to take their cars to get there. The access is easy, close by there is a big parking space. The beach is close to the old village and approx. 100 m away from the church.
It might not be a perfect place to spend the entire day but if you visit the village it’s worth a bath. It is a very comfortable family beach and very secure regarding currents and waves which are blocked by the Paseo de San Pedro.


It’s facilities are ideal: lifeguards, toilets, bar and showers. And an ice-cream booth from Revuelta. Unavoidable.

Playa de Poo, in Poo (Asturias)

It’s the perfect beach to go with children. Coming from Poo the beach is indicated on the National Road. The access doesn’t have any problems but there is very limited space to park the car. Coming from Llanes you can walk or bike along the costal path which is a very nice itinerary.
With high flood the beach is like a swimming pool surrounded by fields. You can’t see the open sea, the entrance into the water is smooth and the waves reach the shore only with high tide. It is a very safe beach and children can play there without any danger. It’s a very wind protected beach, especially when the Northeast wind blows.


Poo beach, Poo, Llanes

Apart from little ponds and rocks there is the mouth of a little river where further adventures wait.

Paddle surf boards can be hired,

There are no lifeguards, but two bar/restaurants and showers.


There are many more beaches, I picked the safest and most protected ones. I hope these ideas help to enjoy even more a day at the beach with your children. Do ask here in case you have any doubts or on our web