The Pindal Cave in Asturias, Pimiango (Ribadedeva), is one of those places we strongly recommend to visit during your stay in Asturias, whether you come with or without children (to visit the cave they must be older than 7 years)


It’s about 25 km a distance from our houses Primorías Llanes and only 10 km from our house in Boquerizo. It’s a perfect excursion for a sunny day (the landscape and surrounding are beautiful) but as well for one of those rainy days we get from time to time. It’s a short and lovely walk from the parking lot (next to the Information Centre San Emeterio y la Cueva del Pindal) to the entrance of the cave. The walk takes you through a beautiful beech forest to the cliffs with a view to the sea, and the entrance to the cave is right there.

It’s advisable to take some time before the visit to the cave to take a walk through the landscape and the cliffs.

The visit to the Pindal cave is guided

Pindal cave plan

Cave´s plan. Imagen Falconaumanni for Wikipedia

The access to the cave is controlled in order to protect its valuable drawings, and it is completely forbidden to take photos. The visit has to be booked in time and the groups are limited to 20 persons.

Visits are possible from Wednesday to Sunday between 10 and 16 o’clock. On Wednesday the visit is free. Updated information on opening hours and fees can be looked up on the official website of “Turismo de Asturias”-

The cave has a 600 m long gallery of which only 300 m are visited, where you can find the drawings. The visit is comfortable and can be visited without problems as long as you wear good shoes (high heels or flip-flops are not adequate).

Once inside the cave, the first thing you’ll see are the stalactites, stalagmites and stone columns. For children it’s a real adventure of investigation and discovery, but adults who are still young will enjoy it. When you come to the panels with the drawings you will be able to identify, with the help of the guide, the mammoths, deers, bisons and even a fish. As well, you’ll see painted dots and signs without a recognizable form.

You will learn how the cave and the drawings were found, what the surroundings looked like when the drawings were created and several theories on the reason why such a cave was painted when it apparently never was used as a place to live.

How to get to the Pindal cave

The cave belongs to Pimiango, one of the last villages in the East of Asturias. It is easy to get there since it es very well indicated, so are the caves. By car you drive right to the Information Centre and continue walking to the cave.

Another possibility is a longer walk starting from the viewpoint Pimiango in order to appreciate the surroundings, the cliffs, the hermitage and, eventually, the cave. Starting at the Information Centre you take the path on your left hand side through a beech forest to get to the cave. The path has no difficulty and at the end there is a staircase which takes you right to the entrance of the cave.

Book your visit

It is necessary to make a reservation previously. Children under 7 years are not allowed. Take warm clothing and comfortable shoes.

The reservation can be done by telephone: 608 175 284.

Opening hours: Wednesday to Sunday from 10 to 16 h. It’s closed on Monday and Tuesday.

On Wednesday the visit is free.

Address: Carretera del Picu al Faro. 33590 Pimiango, Ribadedeva.

The GPS Coordinates of the parking lot: 43.396987, -4.533783

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