The Llanes riverside path starts at the bridge in the center of the village and takes you to La Pereda, where our rural houses Primorías Llanes are situated. The track is known as the riverside path and is a comfortable walk along the river Carroceu which first takes you to Pancar and if you like continues to La Pereda. It’s a lovely walk which offers a good alternative to a day at the beach or a bigger excursion. For those who are accommodated in Primorías Llanes the riverside path represents an easy and entertaining way to walk to Llanes.


Riverside path Llanes

  • Distance 8 km both ways
  • Easy itinerary
  • Adequate for children

If you start in Llanes you’ll begin at the only bridge of the town. From there, with your back turned to the ships of the harbour, you walk down any of the two ramps to the river since both ways join 150 m further down. After the playground you pass a building at the river and cross a bridge over the river Carroceu. 50 m further you’ll find the indication you can see on the photo.

After reaching this point there is no way to get lost, the path takes you along the river which you cross several times. It’s an urban track right through the woods. The landscape changes all the time but the characteristic green of this part of the country will always escort you.


Riverside path

The season, the rain, recent or not, change the river’s water level constantly as well as the exuberant vegetation. But you can enjoy this walk at any time of the year. We love to walk this path with the girls, on bike or on foot, depending on the time we dispose of. The river, the bushes and the sticks unleash their phantasy and new adventures are to overcome.

Continuing along the path you reach the train tracks. Right there you can finish the walk in Pancar where very close you’ll find one of the Michelin Star restaurants in Asturias, El Retiro, or you can continue on a gravel road on the left towards La Pereda.


Path to Primorías Llanes

You continue along the rail tracks. The path has been fixed only recently, walking is comfortable and secure, also for children. This part of the itinerary offers a more open landscape and the Sierra del Cuera dominates the surroundings.

Houses appear and at your right hand side you’ll see the old mill of Las Mestas, a cattle farm at your left, and several buildings with wonderful gardens until you reach a street crossing. There you turn right and follow the path that takes you to the houses. This last part of 1 km you will have to walk on a road, but with very little traffic.

Here you can see the map of the riverside path, both itineraries, from Llanes to Panzer and from Pancar to La Pereda.

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