Easy walk near Llanes to the source of the river Purón, Asturias.

This walk is easy to access and near Llanes. It’s a good choice for a walk during which you enjoy the surroundings without big efforts. The route is practically even until you reach the source of the river Purón. It’s situated between our houses Primorías Llanes and Primorías Boquerizo

  • Roundtrip: 6 km
  • Without big difficulties
  • Adequate for children

To start the walk you need to got Purón on the National Road N-634. This is a wonderful drive, it takes you through a small canyon in the river Purón valley. Its a very curvy drive leaving hills and fields behind you. Before you reach the village of Purón take the road on the left, which is indicated. Continue on this road until the Rancho El Gantxu where you take the left again or park right there.


path-llanes-riverThe first part of the route along the river is on tarmac. Its a very short stretch with almost no traffic. The road ends as soon as you reach a few houses where you cross the first bridge and the path along the river starts.

We did this route with our two smaller daughters, after a very rainy period, and the landscape was spectacular, the vegetation as well as the river. If you do this one hour route with children, it turns out to be a big adventure that takes you the whole morning. It all depends on how you want to live it.

We jumped from rock to rock, threw stones in the river, stopped at each and every puddle and picked flowers. We had a lovely morning. Without hurry, without any expectations and without net :-). If it had been summer I would have jumped in one of the lovely pools you’ll find along the route.

The route takes you to a fish farm which is very interesting. From the outside you observe the different pools with fish of different sizes, the canal that takes the water to the farm and how it is organized.

The track finishes here and an overgrown path starts along the fish farm’s canal up to the source of the river. A small dike as been built here to lead the water to the canal.

The place is magical in spite of the intervention of men. The water splashes between moss covered stones. It’s unbelievable that these splashes become a river. One can breath the humidity, but as well balance, pureness and calm. We are alone at the river and it’s a perfect place to share the sandwiches and laughter. What else do we need to spend fantastic day?

In case of doubts you can ask me right here or on the website www.primorias.es.