Path in Cantabria, Prellezo, San Vicente de la Barquera.

Easy walking itinerary with children.  The proposed walk is a coastal round path that can be done with children. In Prellezo, 3 km far from San Vicente de la Barquera, Cantabria.

It’s a not very known walking track which we did with the girls during the Easter week, and we didn’t meet a soul. The round path is easy, adequate for a short morning walk or a digestive walk after an abundant lunch.

  • itinerary 5,5 km
  • Easy walk with a few hard slopes
  • Adequate for children

Prellezo is situated at the coast with its own accessible beach, only 1 km off the motorway exit “Pesués-Los Tánagos”. At the roundabout at the entry to the village you’ll find an indication panel with all details about the route.


Views from path in Prellezo, Cantabria

We parked the car right there and startet joyfully the walk, with the intention to spend the afternoon in nature. We shared the walk and the picnic with the cousins of my daughter, on visit these days.

The path starts in the village (to the right you leave the parking lot of the Mesón Quintana, a perfect place to recover strength after the excursion). You walk along our holiday houses Primorías Prellezo and 50 m ahead you turn right. On this track you have two alternatives:

  • continue straight forward on a gravel track and take the shorter walk which even can be done with a buggy, until you reach a beautiful sight seeing balcony
  • Do the entire walk and continue on the tarmac road, starting with quite a slope at the southern side of the small Sierra de Jerra. This slope is the only tarmac track.

We decided to walk the entire itinerary, it is well indicated marked in yellow and white on wood panels. We didn’t find any difficulties.




Path in Prellezo

After a small farm you take the forrest track at your right and follow the indications. You climb through eucalyptus and pine woods with -from time to time- clearings that give you wonderful sights of the mountains, the Picos de Europa, or the Cantabrian Sea, which is a spectacular coast line.

The only difficulty, if you come with children, is the beginning of the path with a heavy but short slope. The steep descents have built-in stairs which makes things much easier.

The round path leads you around the Sierra de Jerra and will take you back to the tarmac track at the beginning. From here you walk back to the village.

Chats, songs, jokes and laughter… these two hours of walk brought back my energy after a hard working Easter week during which I hardly had time for my daughters. Two hours that show me how lucky I am and how much beauty surrounds me. I invite you to do the same and find enjoyable relaxation.

Here you’ll find the map with the route and its two alternatives, the round walk with approx. 5,5 km and the short walk with approx. 2 km.

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