Coastal path, from Llanes to Borizu’s Beach


Coastal path signs, Llanes – Celorio

Along the Eastern Asturian coast leads a track that can be done by foot or by bike. The track starts in the village Bustio, near the border with Cantabria and takes you to Guadamia. Approximately 65 km of landscape, beaches and fields that can be discovered by stages. Last weekend we had spectacular weather and we simply couldn’t do else but take out our bikes, prepare the girls’ helmets and backpacks and take a ride with picnic included. The family excursion would take us to a part of the track, from Llanes to the beach of Borizu.

  • Distance of the round trip: 12 km
  • Easy itinerary
  • Adequate for children

My family love bikes, we use them daily throughout the whole year and with our three daughters (between 9 and 3 years old), we simply get a little bit further than walking. Either by foot or bike, you reach Póo, a small village with a beautiful beach at which you should take a look. You can walk to the beach and from the beach there is another track that takes you to Celorio.


Coastal path, San Martin Beach

The track takes you through evergreen fields, the mountains (la Sierra de El Cuera) at the back, and ruminating cows which are curious but not too interested. The girls advance well, they enjoy not having to watch out for the traffic. Leaving Pro heading for Celorio you pass an old wash place and you’ll find the only difficulty along the whole itinerary: a short slope that takes you sharply uphill.

The girls and I put our entire effort since my husband offers a lifelong challenge: who climbs the slope without putting the feet on the ground, receives 10 Euros. Of course, the “lifelong” made me suspicious. But one of these days we’ll achieve it. A little further on we arrive at one of the most beautiful beaches of Asturias, actually of Spain (in my opinion ;-)): San Martin.

Many things make this beach so special, the way to reach it, the surroundings, the riff, its continuous tidal changes… but words are not enough, you have to see this beach. After enjoying several fantastic sights of the Atlantic you’ll reach Celorio on a perfectly indicated track.


Borizu beach, Llanes, Asturias

It might sound topical, but the warmth of the sun, the smell of the ocean, the sound of the bikes on the soil, the picnic in our backpacks, the laughter of the girls, make that all five senses are enjoying and relaxation and real good moments start off.

After Celorio you follow the path to the beach of Palombina heading towards Barro. Since we started late and it still is winter, we finish our excursion here and eat our picnic at the beach of Borizo (right before reaching Barro) where we have the beach all for ourselves.

The girls invent games, climb rocks, creating their own world. My husband takes a bath stripped down to his birthday suit and feels the Master of the Universe. And I am happy, enjoy what I have, the sun, the sand, and I try to capture a tiny bit of this magic moment with my camera.

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