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How do I find a rural house in North of Spain?

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How do I find a rural house? We all have this experience: We are looking for a rural house to spend our vacations or a weekend and we start to plan. Where do I find the best house? The offers are endless and there are all kinds of accommodations and internet portals that offer them: [...]

Path in Cantabria, San Vicente de la Barquera, Prellezo.

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Path in Cantabria, Prellezo, San Vicente de la Barquera. Easy walking itinerary with children.  The proposed walk is a coastal round path that can be done with children. In Prellezo, 3 km far from San Vicente de la Barquera, Cantabria. It’s a not very known walking track which we did with the girls during the [...]

Llanes´s riverside path, Asturias

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The Llanes riverside path starts at the bridge in the center of the village and takes you to La Pereda, where our rural houses Primorías Llanes are situated. The track is known as the riverside path and is a comfortable walk along the river Carroceu which first takes you to Pancar and if you like [...]

Coastal path in Llanes, Asturias, by foot or bike.

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Coastal path, from Llanes till Borizu Beach Coastal path signs, Llanes - Celorio Along the Eastern Asturian coast leads a track that can be done by foot or by bike. The track starts in the village Bustio, near the border with Cantabria and takes you to Guadamia. Approximately 65 km of landscape, beaches [...]